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About the Team

Since 2016, we have been committed to creating innovative health solutions that provide easy access to healthcare data for everyone. Our experienced team of technology experts is dedicated to solving the challenges faced by patients, providers, and developers alike. With a passion for innovation, we strive to make healthcare data more accessible and secure than ever before.

Team member Dale
CEO | Founder17+ Years in Tech • Purpose-driven Leader
Team member Nad
CTOSystem Architect • C • Golang • Rust • Node.js • Blockchain • zk • ai
Team member Joff
Tech LeadHappiness Architect • Senior Developer • Vue.js Community Expert for Stripe • Open Source Advocate
Team member Trista
Product Head | Customer SuccessBuilding products users love • Management • Operations • Business Dev • QA
Team member Efren
Web DeveloperFrom flipping burgers to becoming a developer one byte at a time • JavaScript • Vue.js
Team member Jemson
Quality AssuranceEagle eye • Nothing escapes
Team member Rich
Business DevelopmentExploring opportunities • Building relationships
Team member Val
Design LeadCrafts comprehensive atomic design systems • UX/UI enthusiast
Team member JC
Digital MarketingCreatives • Social media • Rapper